Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Racking Systems

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Adjustable pallet racking is the most widely employed approach for storing palletised unit loads. It is made up of upright frames and horizontal beams that interlock to type the rack construction. Inside of the rack each pallet is individually supported and independently accessible. Adjustable pallet racking arranged in a wide aisle pattern, a bare minimum of 2.5 metres wide aisles, requires no specialised managing devices. A regular counter equilibrium truck can be employed in aisles three.5 to 4. metres extensive. Achieve trucks can perform aisles only two.5 metres wide. A limitation of making use of regular elevate trucks is that the racking system’s peak is restricted to the highest lift height of the trucks.

Racking organized in this way offers a higher quality storage but could only utilise 40% of the accessible ground room, the rest getting aisles. However, fast through set and ease of loading make this kind of storage very popular.

Slim Aisle

Narrow aisle racking systems have the aisle width lowered to about one.six metres. This can totally free up to forty five% of the ground space given more than to aisles in a broad aisle scheme. Narrow aisle forklift trucks should be utilized with the program, but the net result is a remarkable improve in room utilisation.

Drive-in Racking

If storage capability is a prime requirement of your warehouse then drive-in racking could offer the remedy. Eliminating aisles and lanes generates a greater storage density at the expense of selectivity. The very first pallet into a lane will be the previous out.

Nevertheless in many apps pallets are received and dispatched in batches so this is not a drawback. Each pallet is supported so damage from crushing is eradicated. Velocity of operation is good with standard forklift trucks driving into the lanes to choose and location pallets. It can be further elevated by the provision of lead-in rails and advice rails with the lanes.

Push Again

Push back is an progressive answer that enables total space utilisation when a operate of rack backs onto a wall or has a barrier that prevents total access. Push back again comprises special beams and two push back sub frames assemblies running from front to again in each and every bay. The fabricated sub frames have wheels that operate in captive tracks that mounts onto the beams. The rear beam is higher than the front beam so the sub frames come to relaxation at the front of the bay. When a regular fork raise truck location the initial pallet in a bay it sits on the sub frame. Putting a second pallet into the bay pushes the initial pallet to the again. When reduced, the 2nd pallet then sits on the beams so preventing the first pallet from rolling forward.

Live Storage

High storage density and best stock rotation. Any dimensions and shape of pallet can be handled and each and every is completely supported. This system is perfect for quick moving, perishable products.

Cellular Racking

Powered cell pallet racking comprises of traditional pallet racking mounted on a metal framed foundation. This has electrically driven wheels which operate on tracks set in to the floor. The program permits a operate of racking to be moved to generate an entry aisle.

Up to eighty% of the flooring location can be occupied for storage, while retaining access to each pallet. Redirack racking, with its welded construction is ideal for this application. Getting no bolts eliminates the need for safety checks on bolt torque.


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